Instant recovery at Too Funky Hair

Struggling with frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair? We’ve all been there (well, some of us anyway!) I booked an appointment at Too Funky Hair with Steve, a stylist who’s been in hairdressing for over 40 years, and he introduced me to the wonder that is Alterna.

My hair is naturally quite wild and had recently become a daily annoyance. After four months of avoiding haircuts in the hope it would just “settle down” it was time to finally do something about it.

I’m usually a bit wary about all of those expensive hair products I’ve been flogged over the years by various different hairdressers. However, Alterna genuinely works, and (slightly) less importantly… it smells amazing. My hair and I were in drastic need of a little TLC, and Alterna 100% delivered.

Steve used the Instant Recovery shampoo and the Instant Recovery conditioner on my hair. Both of these products are restorative and sulphate-free, restoring severely damaged hair and intensely nourishing each strand.

Because both products are very concentrated, you only need to use a small amount, and as I only wash my hair twice a week (don’t judge), these bottles would last me around four months, which is pretty good. Rub the product into your hair and Alterna will transform your hair from a bale of hay and into a show horse’s glossy mane (if that’s that look you’re going for…)

After shampooing and conditioning, Steve used the Fix and Fill Treatment masque. The masque is a deeply reparative treatment that nourishes and strengthens hair, improving manageability and leaving hair soft, shiny and completely restored. The treatment was left on for around five minutes, but if you’re at home, 15 minutes with a hot towel will leave your hair feeling amazing, smelling amazing and most importantly, looking amazing. Steve described the product as a prescription, and as with any other prescription, its important to read the instructions and use the product as instructed. Don’t use the product more than twice a week and don’t leave on for more than 15 minutes – there’s no need to.

Steve then used the Alterna Rapid Repair Finishing Spray on my hair before brushing, which made it so much easier to comb through. I can’t speak for you, but my hair is constantly knotty, and brushing it is always a painful and annoying experience. This finishing spray is full to the brim of vitamins, and can be used to add shine and moisture to your hair throughout the day, refreshing and replenishing your locks.

The last product used on my hair before drying was the Alterna Smoothing Hydra Gelée. Just like all of the other products, it smelt amazing. I’m usually a bit funny about having too many products in my hair as it can make it feel greasy, heavy and a bit sticky, a combination of sensations you don’t ever want to apply to your hair. Luckily, the smoothing gelée did none of these things. The product is also free of parabens and synthetic colour, so it’s genuinely good for your hair, plus it makes hair easier to blowdry which is always a winner.

Not only do all these Alterna products make your hair look and feel silky smooth, they also boost your colour. If you dye your hair, you’ll know that colour fades and can look quite dull at times, especially if hair is damaged. Alterna removes the build up of colour and leaves your hair looking much brighter and fresher. Even if you don’t dye your hair, Alterna gives your natural colour a boost. It’s just an all-around great product range.

Alterna don’t just create products for hair that looks like straw either. There’s a whole range of products to suit different hair types, and the stylists at Too Funky Hair will find the perfect product to match your needs.

If you’re stuck in a bit of a hair rut, I’ll leave you with this quote from Steve: “Your hair is the outfit you never take off.” Need to sort your mop out? Book an appointment with Too Funky Hair and they’ll sort you right out.